The Heart-Warming Story the First All-Girl Quintuplets in the U.S.

Adam and Danielle Busby are parents to the first all-girl quintuplet babies in the United States. But this medical miracle is just the end of the story. Together, their beautiful and inspiring adventure started when the two locked eyes, following up with their first awkward date months later.

After some emotional and medical hardships and struggles trying to start a family, neither of them ever would’ve imagined that their family of two would grow to be four times as big within a couple of years.

Most parents would probably freak out about having five babies at once, but the two welcomed the idea with open arms and were beyond appreciative of something so grand to be happening.

Time and time again, the two Louisiana natives did anything but give up on their dream and have proven to the world that, sometimes, love really can conquer all.

Who Are Adam and Danielle Busby?

The relationship of these two inspiring lovebirds, Adam and Danielle Busby, started when they first laid eyes on each other, back in the early 2000s.

What makes their love story so interesting, though, is the fact that what should’ve been a smooth-sailing journey quickly flew off the track and ended up with an incredibly unconventional and quirky ride the whole way.

Adam, 21 years old at the time, and Danielle, 20, both found themselves working at the same local Target in 2003. But it wouldn’t be until months later that Adam made the first move.

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“Hey Beautiful”

Having a little crush in the workplace is always fun, especially when you’re having the time of your life in college. And while the two might’ve exchanged a few smirks and hot-n-heavy glances over the next few months of working together, it looked like Adam was ready to take things from flirtatious glances to more engaging interactions.

The audacious Adam finally worked up the nerve to talk to Danielle—his first words to her being, “Hey beautiful.” As lovely as it is to be greeted with such a sweet compliment, did young and savvy Danielle fall for his sweet-talkin’ charm?

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“Real Smooth”

Whether it’s just a silly school crush or a real desire to date the person you fancy, it’s never easy building up the courage to get the ball rolling. But it looked like Danielle was impressed with what the admirable Adam had whipped up for their first conversation!

Danielle wrote on her blog. It’s a Buzz World, “my thoughts at first were… ‘Oh wow! You never talk to me, and now you’re trying to hit on me… real smooth’.”

But cute little greetings were just the start of their quirky love tale.

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Romance in the Work Place

After Adam’s first quirky and cute quip, slowly, slowly, he was winning over the delightful Danielle’s heart. As the days passed by, they seemed to be spending more time together at work.

“We started eating lunch and taking our Target 15 min breaks together…(so romantic),” Danielle wrote on her blog. How sweet! Plus, who doesn’t love a little romance in the workplace?

Their easy-going and enjoyable shift breaks were a great transition to ease how the two hard-working youngsters took things to the next level.

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First Date Jitters

“Adam finally asked me out on a date … wait, I mean begged me, lol (love my version of our story), I said yes, and he planned to pick me up after I got off work,” Danielle comically explained on her blog.

As the first date jitters snuck up on Danielle, she had a million questions running through her mind. “Part of me during my workday is thinking, ‘What are we gonna do? What am I gonna wear?’ Etc.,” she further explained.

As soon as she got off work, she sped away to get ready at home for her hot date with her cute co-worker. But while getting dolled up, she got an unexpected phone call.

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Taking a Sharp Turn

“Workday finally ends, I go home to get ready and the phone rings,” Danielle shared on her blog.

It turns out that the person on the other end of the phone is none other than Adam himself. And while she’s super stoked to get a phone call from him before their date, things seemed to have taken a sharp turn within seconds.

“He basically goes on to tell me he decided to hang out with his boys. Ummmmm, did he beg me to go out with him earlier and now is ditching me… At this point, I’m thinking, this guy…who does he think he is, ditching me…I’m done with him,” Danielle emotionally expressed.

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Finding His Way Back to Her Heart

Adam was quite the bold type, that’s for sure. He seemed to have played his cards so well, right up until the night of their first date—can you believe that he would back out on her last minute? Talk about some brutal rejection!

Regardless of whether or not he had the first-date jitters himself or not, something didn’t seem to add up, and Danielle was far from impressed by that off-putting stunt.

Still, though, Adam was determined to find his way to tend to this fire and charm his way back into Danielle’s heart.

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Freshening Up the Bad Taste in Her Mouth

There’s no doubt that their very first “date” left a bad taste in Danielle’s mouth about starting up any romantic relationship with Adam. However, once Adam suggested that they go on an actual first date again, she was ready to put that bad experience behind them and felt refreshed and excited to try things out again.

“I’m not quite sure what happened in between this point and next, but we finally were actually going to go on a real date, dinner at Casa Mañana! Little did I know how this first date would turn out,” Danielle shared.

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A Mysteriously Intriguing Young Man

Adam decided to pick Danielle up from her place, just as he had planned the last time—only this time, he would be the one finishing up his shift at Target before the evening began.

The mysteriously intriguing young man whisked Danielle away in his car back to his place so that he could get dolled-up and ready for their dinner together.

But when they got to Adam’s place, Danielle was left with question marks even more significant than the first time they attempted the first date.

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What’s Going On

“I didn’t understand why he wanted to pick me up first, go to his house 20 min away to change and then come back into the city to eat … Adam never tells me anything about what’s going on,” Danielle shared on her blog.

It’s safe to say that even though Adam can be quite the charmer, he might not be the most efficient person out there, or for that matter, the most communicative. But who knows? Maybe he was trying to surprise Danielle the whole time. Either way, Danielle decided to go with the flow and trusted him on his plans.

However, just as Danielle walked into Adam’s house, she was hit with the very first surprise of the night.

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Surprise #1 of the Night

When it comes to dating in our culture and society, meeting the parents for the first time is quite a big step in the relationship. Right? But it looks like Adam was far from concerned about that.

It turns out that Adam was still living with his parents, which wouldn’t be a big deal, except for the fact that Danielle wasn’t prepared to meet the whole family before their first date even begun!

“We go inside, and Adam leaves me in the living room as he goes into his bedroom to change. Now I’m sitting in a house I don’t know, with his mom, dad, and sister walking in to come to talk to me… to question me,” Danielle humbly shared.

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Putting Two and Two Together

Danielle tried to put two and two together and sum up in her head just what was going on between her and Adam.

She wrote on her blog: “First—Adam acted way too cool to talk to me, and it took you months to say a few words to me.

Second–Adam ditched me on what was supposed to be our first date.

Third–we finally are going on our first date, and Adam fails to tell me we are going out with his family for his sister’s birthday dinner!”

That’s right! It was just any type of dinner; it was a family dinner to celebrate his sister’s birthday. Can you believe it? Still, though, there was one more surprise left that would keep Danielle speechless until today.

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Adam Was Far from Fazed

While Adam and Danielle’s first attempt at a first date seemed odd, Danielle was blown away by all of the plot twists and turns that kept coming her way during their second attempt.

And the fact that they were all going out to celebrate his sister’s birthday, let alone meeting the family for the first time over a relative’s birthday dinner, seemed like an incredibly odd way to spend their first date.

Yet, Adam didn’t seem fazed at all by these somehow comical and charming turn of events. He seemed even more interested in Danielle than before, which led him to reveal his final surprise hidden up his sleeve.

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One Very Special Question

After an exciting and unexpected sharp left turn, Adam and Danielle’s date night-turned family birthday celebration seemed to be incredibly fun. And at the end of the night, the audacious Adam decided to ask dear Danielle one extraordinary question.

“For some strange reason, this Adam guy asked me ‘officially’ to be his girlfriend later that night, and wait for it… I actually said yes! Can you believe it?” Danielle shared.

The two began dating and were inseparable ever since! But Adam’s knack for surprising Danielle didn’t end there.

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The Moment Danielle Fell in Love with Adam

After being so skeptical when their first attempt at a date had gone wrong and being put through the wringer when their second attempt turned into a family event, Danielle was thrilled to call Adam, her boyfriend, by the end of the night.

And as it turned out, the two 20-something-year-olds working at Target were scratching the surface of what they had in common. They were two peas in a pod, ready to take things to the next level, and started getting more and more severe as each day went by.

“I started to fall in love with [Adam] when I realized how much joy he had for kids, just like I did,” Danielle shared with Country Living.

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The Surprise of 2005

Since 2003, the two continued dating, and Adam kept on surprising Danielle. But it was in 2005 when he left her speechless and in tears.

It was the day after her birthday when Adam started acting weird out of nowhere. And even though the two had been together for so long, there’s no question that Adam’s behavior sometimes kept Danielle on her toes.

“He was so nervous and acting so strange, and he was getting on my nerves because he was acting so weird,” Danielle confessed to Country Living.

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Danielle’s Birthday Present

Not only was Adam acting so weird on one of the most memorable days of the year, but Danielle started to get fed up with it all. Why was he acting so squirrely and nervous out of nowhere? What exactly was Adam up to now?

Soon enough, she would find out that he was so nervous because he was about to get down on one knee and ask Danielle to marry him—which, of course, she said yes. How sweet!

“He asked what I wanted for my birthday, and I said a necklace, bracelet, or a right-hand ring … and this guy ends up buying me an engagement ring. I had no idea!” Danielle excitingly wrote.

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“I Was in Complete Shock!”

“He proposed the day after my birthday, Christmas Eve (what another great story that is…can you imagine lol), and I was in complete shock! Six months later, we were married (man, we were so young!),” Danielle further shared on her blog.

The date was set for the 24-year-old Adam and 23-year-old Danielle to tie the knot on July 22, 2006, and the two were ready to dive into life together as husband and wife.

However, during this same time, the Lake Charles, Louisiana natives were going through some hardships as hurricanes hit the south that year.

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Not Even a Hurricane Could Knock Them Down

Unfortunately, in the mid and late 2000s, the hurricanes’ natural disasters and chaos stirred up life down in the south—including Adam and Danielle’s.

“Our wedding was kept small, but boy oh boy, was it a challenging one to plan… This was right after Hurricane Rita wiped out Lake Charles, and pretty much every venue was damaged. But we were able to find a little chapel to get married in,” Danielle shared with Country Living.

And even though they suffered through all of the tough times dealing with the hurricane’s repercussions and aftermath, their love stayed strong. It looks like their love truly is stronger than the winds of a storm!

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Mr. & Mrs. Busby

Even though the country’s dark times were going through with natural disasters, Adam and Danielle’s love kept them positive and resilient.

“We were young and in love, so we didn’t really care about where and what [our wedding] all looked like… We were looking forward to the day we would officially commit in front of God to be together forever,” Danielle revealed to Country Living.

Once July 22, 2006, came around, they exchanged their “I Dos” and started their lives together as Mr. & Mrs. Busby!

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Moving Out West

It’s no secret that the young-and-in-love couple wanted kids, and they were eager to bring in some beautiful babies together into the world!

But before they decided to add to their family, they felt the need to find their own home to nesting and create before welcoming any little Adams and Danielles into the picture.

The couple moved over one state west to Houston, Texas, to find and build their forever home.

Little did they know, though, that starting a family would be a whole new up-and-down adventure all on its own.

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“We Would Do Whatever it Took to Get Pregnant.”

Now that the happy couple was all settled in their new home in Texas, they were ready to start thinking about starting up a family.

“We have always loved children and feel like we have had a gift of being great with kids. It was only natural for us to have a deep desire to be parents. After well over a year of trying to conceive, we realized that we have a problem with infertility. We would do whatever it took to get pregnant, so we started the long process of fertility treatments,” the couple wrote on their official Facebook Page. It’s a Buzz World.

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One Last Try

Both of them each had their medical issues with infertility made the entire process tricky, as they longed to be parents more than anything. But that didn’t mean that they were going to give up. When they said that they would do whatever it took to get pregnant, they meant it.

“We went over a year, trying different drugs and IUI procedures with no luck. Not able to do IVF because we had depleted our savings after the many months of IUI procedures and fertility specialists visits, we completely laid it at God’s feet and said that we would try one last time,” they wrote on their official Facebook page.

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A Sweet, Little Princess

It looked like their prayers weren’t just heard, but they were answered, too! Their final procedure worked, and Adam and Danielle were blessed with a beautiful baby girl. How incredible!

After seven years of being together and five years of marriage, Adam and Danielle welcomed their first little Busby baby into the family on April 5, 2011.

“We thank God for allowing that last procedure to work and giving us our daughter, Blayke. We couldn’t have asked for a sweeter little princess. She has been our world for the last 3 years, but that desire to grow our family never ceased,” the excited parents eagerly wrote on their official Facebook page.

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First Attempts

After three years of raising their adorable toddler, Blayke, the Busby parents, were ready to try out for another beautiful baby. However, unfortunately again, the loving couple ended up with the same issues before getting pregnant back in 2011.

At first, the couple tried to conceive independently, without any additional help or undergoing any medical procedures. Yet, they were having no luck just like the first time. But if we’ve learned anything about this couple, though, it’s that first attempts never really have been their thing.

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Going Back to the Doctor’s Office

“After trying again on our own for months, we knew that we would have to undergo the same round of procedures for Baby #2. Having most of the guesswork out of the way from the last time, our doctor started Danielle out with the same regiment that she was on when we were pregnant with Blayke,” Adam wrote on their official Facebook page.

The couple was cheerful and eager about the procedure working—especially since they had successful baby Blayke, of course. The only thing is, this time around, Danielle wasn’t the only one left surprised.

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The Big Surprise

After months and months of trying to have another baby, the couple was thrilled to know that the procedure was a success! Little did they know that the process was sort of like a medical miracle in disguise. Why is that exactly? Because Danielle wasn’t just pregnant with one baby.

“Never would we have imagined the plan that God had for us in our journey to grow our little family. We were defiantly in shock when we received the big SURPRISE that we are pregnant with Quintuplets! Yes, THAT MEANS FIVE BABIES!” the couple wrote on their Facebook page. Can you believe it?

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Five Little Heartbeats

Can you imagine what Adam and Danielle must’ve been going through when they got the news about Danielle’s pregnancy? They were about to expect not one, not two, not three, and not even four, but five babies at once! They always wanted a big family, but they never would’ve imagined it would happen like this.

“What a blessing to see and hear five little heartbeats, but also extremely overwhelming when trying to wrap our minds around everything that will come with having five babies all at once,” the two lovebirds wrote on their Facebook page.

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The First All-Female Five

Just a few weeks after the pregnancy procedure took place, the couple would be surprised with even more surprising and shocking news that nobody saw coming—not even the doctors themselves!

That’s right, their big bundle of love was literally about to make history! But it wasn’t because they were quintuplets, as unique and rare as that was.

It turns out that not only were Adam and Danielle meant to expect quintuplets, but once the gender of each baby was revealed, they learned that they were the first parents in the United States to have all-female quintuplets!

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Identical vs. Fraternal

It’s quite common for pregnancy procedures to provide all sorts of amazing miracles, like having twins or triplets. However, this particular and phenomenal pregnancy just started to reveal even more and more intriguing and exciting surprises.

For example, two out of the five babies were identical twins, while the other three were fraternal triplets. How cool!

But their team of doctors and the two expecting parents weren’t the only ones who were excited about the news. Before the Busby parents knew it, their unique story was spreading like wildfire all over the information and the world.

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28 Weeks Later

From their heart-warming story of how the audacious Adam and dear Danielle fell in love, to their struggles of moving and making a new home for themselves after the hurricane chaos, to the inspiring story of how they never gave up on their dream to have a family of their own, people from all around the world started to follow and support the happy couple.

But there was another significant turn of events after seven months of Danielle’s pregnancy that nobody saw coming either.

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Coming Home in July

While a full-term pregnancy is about 40 weeks, Danielle went into labor after 28 weeks of pregnancy. Can you imagine how they must’ve felt?

Even though the babies were born prematurely, the two loving parents stayed strong and kept their hopes high. All five babies—Ava Lane, Olivia Marie, Hazel Grace, Riley Paige, and Parker Kate—were born on April 8, 2015.

They each spent their first few months in the NICU undergoing their different medical procedures and recovering, but were all finally safe and sound come that July.

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Sharing Their Story with the World

There’s no question that each baby and both parents each had their medical issues to go through after this intense yet extraordinary experience. Still, they’re so incredibly happy with their family of 8.

Shortly after the family finally settled down and found their place in their new chaotically beautiful world, Adam and Danielle started their blog, official website page on Facebook to follow, and a show with TLC titled Outdaughtered keep the world up-to-date about their wildly rare experiences and inspiring love as a family.

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