Over 40 Hilarious, Absolutely Adorable Things These Servers Did While on the Clock

The service and the food industry can be one of the most stressful and emotionally exhausting ones to work for, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not one of the most fun ones!

Check out some of the most hilarious, brilliant, and adorable things that these bartenders and waiters have done for their customers.

From wearing Yelp review comments on their staff shirts to making cool coffee art with milk, to writing hilarious comments on the bill, there’s no doubt that these people will have you wishing that they were your servers!

Have you been lucky enough to encounter one of these creative workers?

Writing Notes with Syrup

Often, the people who take care of us at restaurants are strangers, which is why there’s nothing like having a caring and compassionate waiter or waitress, just like this adorable Village Inn server that decided to spoil their customer with a little pick-me-up surprise.

Apparently, after hearing the customer cry, he brought a little platter of pie with a bit of smiley face and “Keep Smiling” written with syrup.

To return the appreciated gesture, the customer formed the words “Thank You.” How adorable!

The Champion Busboy

If you’ve ever worked in the food industry, especially for the front of the house, then you start to pick up a few tricks here and there when it comes to carrying plates and food platters.

But this busboy right here took things to a whole new level. It’s impressive enough if you can carry even five plates, but he’s in for quickly over 30 plates right there! Talk about a bussing overachiever—we can’t even imagine how much all of these platters weight altogether.

Her Last Supper

Working in the foodservice industry can be one of the most stressful jobs since it’s both physically demanding, emotionally exhausting, and you’ve got to do it all with a smile.

With that said, though, one of the most fun things about it is how close you usually become with your staff, almost like a family. And for this waitress’s last shift, she and her tight-knit band of servers decided to gather around for her “last supper” together. How hilarious!

Sometimes You have to Stop and Smell the Coffee.

Many of us don’t get to experience coffee art skills when getting our coffee on-the-go. The fast service experience might be convenient, but then there’s no time for the little things since there are so much pressure and stress to get orders out in a speedy manner.

If you’re lucky, though, your barista will sometimes surprise you with a foam heart or flower, but this barista decided to take things up a notch and spoil their customer with some cool cat coffee foam art. What can we say? It looks like they know just how important it is to stop and smell the coffee!

Dad-Jokes Handed on a Receipt Platter

Well, well, well. What have we here? Apparently, on a fun family night out, dear ‘ Dad decided it would be a good idea to joke around with the waitress and request for “one tiny check” when asking for the bill. What he meant was that he wanted the total to be a small amount, but this waitress seemed to dad-joke him right back!

That’s right; she brought back a physically small receipt for him to enjoy. Look at her handing him his dad-jokes right back on that receipt platter. How clever!

Chocolate Cheesecake and Favored Characters

Aww, this is such an adorable gesture, and some top-shelf service on the waiting staff’s end, we just can’t get enough of it!

This attentive and kind waitress noticed that her customer was a super-fan of the Power Up girls—a design that combines Mario princesses and the Powerpuff Girls—and decided to spoil her with something special once it was time to serve dessert.

Alongside her delicious chocolate cheesecake and whipped cream, she drew a cute little Blossom with all types of syrup. How incredible!

“If You Can Read This, I’m Serving Another Table”

For those of you who have worked as part of a waiting staff before, then you know just how annoying it can be when you have a few of your tables trying to haggle and get your attention when you’re so clearly in the middle of taking care of another table.

This is why this waitress’ shirt that says, “if you can read this, I’m serving another table” on the back, to hint to everyone else that she’ll be with you when she’s available, is just as fantastic as it is hysterical. We love it!

These Receipts Might Be Worth Something One Day

Do you know how there’s the stereotype and running joke that baristas and waiters are all secretly artists trying to make it? Well, it looks like this server right here might be one of those. And we have to say; they are beyond talented!

We’re don’t know just how good their coffee art skills are, but their drawing skills are impressive. Look at all of the fun characters they drew on their customer’s receipts—such a range for their customers to enjoy.

Not just that, but they even wrote a little “Thank you!!” with a smiley face. Hold on to those receipts’ folks; they’ll probably be worth a lot one day!

When You Order “Nothing”

The server asked this young boy what he wanted for dessert at the end of a family dinner. His response? “Nothing.” So, when she came back around to serve everyone’s delicious desserts, she hilariously handed this young man this fancy platter.

And for those of you who can’t read the fancy chocolate syrup handwriting, it says “Nothing” on the plate. The boy doesn’t look so pleased, but we’re sure the rest of the family thought it was as silly as we do!

Literal Larry

Who doesn’t love a little bit of fun and shenanigans from someone who takes things literally?

That’s right; this customer right here got served up a single fry on a platter because the waiter accidentally dropped one fry while serving the customer. And since he “owed” the customer for that fry that was settled, he came back with this clean platter, with preciously one single delicious French fry.

It’s safe to say this server is one silly Literal Larry!

A Small Beer in Berlin Might as Well Be a Shot

One of the most significant differences when ordering food or drinks in the U.S. versus Europe is the portion sizes—typically, sizes in Europe are much smaller than the U.S.

But funnily enough, this waiter in Berlin indeed took that whole portion size to a whole new level. When this customer asked for “just a small beer” after enjoying a large, delicious meal, the server brought them back this tiny, adorable mini mug of beer.

They even put the beverage coaster as a size reference to see how big the beer is—pretty much the size of one shot. How hysterically cute!

When You’re Stuck in a Pickle, but Find an Opportunity

Speaking of Literal Larry’s, it looks like this one takes the cake! This customer despises pickles so much that they claimed that they would destroy a city for every jam received in their order when explaining to the server. Yikes!

And while most people might be afraid of that, this server looked at this as an opportunity. He served the customer their burger with three pickles on the side and a paper with three different Texas cities written on it, and stated, “My Least Favorite Places.”

When Life Gives You Lemons

Sometimes, you get amusing and unexpectedly lovely gestures from the waiting staff when you complain about an order, just like this customer right here, who complained about not receiving lemons in their water. While most waiters would probably just grab a couple for you and hand it to you on a small plate, this server thought out of the box.

They came back with a glass full of water with a rim surrounded with lemon wedges. It looks like when life gives you lemons; this waiter serves them in beautiful patterns.

Welcome to Moe’s Tavern

Check out this hilarious worker at the Irish Rover Pub who decided to keep up with the holiday spirit for Halloween and dress up as one of America’s most famous barkeeps and bar owners—Moe the Bartender from the only The Simpsons. It looks like it’s so long Irish Rover Pub and hello Moe’s Tavern!

Even the way this bartender is standing with his arms on his hips reminds us so much of the actual grumpy, curmudgeonly character that we all know and love!

The Master of Selfies

It’s one thing to get pranked by someone you know, but to get pranked by your waiter is just a whole other level of hilarious shame.

That’s right, this legendary selfie of a Waffle House waiter closing his eyes and smiling wide is one of many identical pictures in this customer’s phone. A group of friends asked to get their photo taken, and while the waiter was “photographing” them doing different poses, he pranked them and took the same view of himself each time. Talk about the ultimate master of selfie pranks.

Sick Skating Skills

Sure, back in the day, roller-skating servers used to be a thing at burger and shake shacks. But it looks like this restaurant took that idea and ran with it—or should we say rolled.

Seriously! How cool are these roller coasting waiters? Not only do they have mad skating skills, but they can do all of these cool tricks while holding trays of food. Talk about impressive!

We wonder if they get special training upon being hired, or if they already have to be a skilled skater and server to get the job.

The King of Pho

Who doesn’t love a good ‘ol punny graphic tee? Even if you don’t, this restaurant takes the cake when it comes to them! Sure, it may not be the excellent humor for everyone, but you can’t deny that it’s a brilliant play on words!

This is one of those “read-out-loud” types of shirts, but once it clicks, you can’t unread/unsee/unhear it.

What can we say? With that attitude, they’ve got our vote for one of the funniest staff shirts created.

A Wild Coney Island Ride—Detroit Style

We’ve seen skilled servers on skates, we’ve witnessed busboys carrying over 30 empty plates at once, but have you ever seen anyone serving over ten separate meals? Talk about a wild ride, this Lafayette Coney Island server in Detroit has got this corn-dog helping business down.

We just hope that the guy in front of him didn’t scooch his chair back on accident before he was able to serve all of these meals! This gentleman deserves a round or two of applause once he sets them all down. Bravo!

Thanks for the Heads Up, Danica

Some people strive to overachieving and get bogged down when they get a little bit of bad feedback, but this restaurant wears it with pride—literally!

That’s right; they printed out Yelp reviews on the back of their staff shirts for their servers to wear while on the clock.

This one right here is a review from Danica F., a 1-star review that states, “Just be aware that good American customer service will not be served here.” We guess she never thought that her words would end up being so famous! All we can do now is say thanks for the heads up, Danica.

A Cute Grumpy Cat Goodbye

There’s nothing like getting a cute little “Thank You!” or smiley face upon receiving the bill from your server. Right? But pictures are worth 1,000 words, and it looks like this adorable waiter decided to leave their table with a whole drawing!

We’re not sure if they drew a grumpy cat with the word “BYE” in ALL-CAPS is supposed to be a sign that the waiter was annoyed of this table, but the goofy gesture is an unforgettable one either way!

Pancake Pac-Man

Eating food in cute and creative forms is always such a fun experience—especially when eating the best breakfast foods around the pancake.

And this has got to be one of the funniest ways to be served your pancakes. Look at how silly this pancake Pac-Man is! He’s got his mouth all wide and ready to eat all of the little silver dollar pancake pellets.

We wonder if this pancake Pac-Man gets a hold of the butter, then they’ll get bonus points. We just hope that there isn’t a ghost waiting on the other end of that plate!

Spicing Things Up with Raunchy Ranch Dressing

We’ve mentioned how working in customer service and the food industry can be one of the most emotionally exhausting jobs. This is why one of the best coping mechanisms is also the world’s best form of medicine—laughter!

Check out this hilarious waiter and their notes about their customer’s orders. They asked for their demand for wings to be extra crispy and extra wet. And while that seems a little oxymoronic, the waiter couldn’t help but sneak in a “That’s What She Said” joke in the mix. Talk about spicing things up with some raunchy ranch dressing!

Taking Your Plate To-Go

It looks like we got another Literal Larry working at this food joint! At the end of the meal, this customer mentioned they’ll “take my plate to-go, please.” And with no hesitation, the kind and the accommodating server did just ask this customer asked.

They grabbed her plate and tossed it in a to-go box for her to take home, and handed it to her with a smile on their face. How funny!

As funny as that is, though, we have to ask. What did they end up doing with the food?

Bryan vs. Brian with a Y

Your name is one of the most intimate details about you. It’s your identity, and for most of us, it’s one of the only things that stick with you ‘til the end. So, we know how frustrating it can be when people misspell your name, especially when you’re ordering coffee.

But let’s be honest, it’s also not the end of the world if they misspell it. And it looks like this barista decided to poke a little bit of fun with the situation, so when this customer said his name was “Bryan with a ‘Y,’” she wrote what she heard—”Brian with a Y.”

Talk about a terrific troll!

As Hot as the Contents Inside Your Cup

Sometimes, it can be scary to confront someone about how you feel and ask them out, especially when you’re at the workplace and are trying to keep things professional. But we’ve got to say that this barista was pretty creative when it came to hitting on this customer.

They crossed some of the words in the warning disclaimer so that it reads as “careful; you’re boiling.”

Sure, it’s a bit cheesy, and maybe a little unsafe to scribble out the hot contents inside disclaimer, but we have to give points for resourceful and creative thinking!

Making it Rain on St. Patrick’s Day

By the looks of this woman’s striped green socks and green Guinness sweatband on her arm, it’s safe to say that this is probably the end of a very long St. Patrick’s Day holiday weekend celebration, which is why she’s passed out from exhaustion.

At least when she wakes up from her well-deserved power nap, she’ll be able to role in all this dough as if she was Scrooge McDuck herself!

Talk about making it rain on the pool table!

Just Because You Don’t Order Anything Doesn’t Mean You Won’t Get a Bill

It can be a little bit uncomfortable or awkward when you go out with your friends but don’t feel like ordering anything. But this IHOP waiter knew what to do to make sure that this customer right here felt included, even if he didn’t want anything.

First, he brought the customer an empty glass, and then at the end of the meal, he provided a blank bill for the “nothing” that the customer ordered. How cute and hilarious at the same time!

Just like this customer said, it’s the little things that can make a big difference.

Getting Served by a Terrific T-Rex

We can’t explain it, but for some reason, no matter where they are, what they’re doing, or when they’re doing it, anyone who wears this inflatable dinosaur costume is just always a hysterical thrill ride.

And it looks like for Halloween one year, this barkeep decided it would be a great idea to dress up in this terrific T-Rex costume. It’s just as scary as it is funny, and by the looks of this guy being served, we can tell that everyone got a real kick out of it!

But we have to ask, how are they able to make drinks with their tiny arms? The mystery will forever haunt us.

The Power of Refusing You Booze

With being a great bartender, comes great responsibility. And that great responsibility is to make sure that you’re keeping track of how much your customers are drinking and to cut them off whenever you feel that they’ve had enough.

But it looks like this group of barkeeps right here also use this power if someone crosses them by spilling any spoilers about Game of Thrones.

So watch what you say around the bar because it looks like Winter is coming!

Handling Clumsiness with Clever Tricks

Whether it’s making a mess while we eat, getting ketchup on our white shirts, or spilling our drinks all over the place, some of us are just born to be clumsy forever, just like this guy right here who knocked down and spilled his orange juice all over the table.

But thankfully, the resourceful, creative, and hilarious waiting staff at this restaurant are always prepared for these types of scenarios—which is why they brought him a new, fresh glass of OJ with a lid to secure his beverage. How sweet!

When You’re Too Tall to serve Your Table

Having cool and funky décor around the restaurant is excellent, except when it starts to interfere with your staff’s workflow. For example, because he was so tall, and the cool flower lamp was hanging so low, this waiter kept bumping into it when taking the order at this table.

But have no fear, this clever waiter knew precisely how to solve his problem! Instead of getting frustrated about it, he just placed it on his head like a cute little hat. Problem-solved!

When the Restaurant is Too Cold

Many of us have had the uncomfortable experience of walking into a restaurant and immediately getting chills. And while we understand that the joint needs to accommodate the majority of their customers, it’s still quite an unpleasant time when you’re sitting there at your table, shivering over your plate.

But when this lovely elderly lady complained about it being too cold, her caring waiter brought over a clean table cloth to wrap her in as a make-shift blanket. It’s so hilarious but so adorable at the same time.

When Your Server Decides for You

For some odd reason, when picking a restaurant or picking something to order off the menu, many of us get hit with a big wave of decision-making troubles.

But have no fear! It looks like this Coney Island waiter right here was all about being direct and probably helped them out with all of their troubles. He even left them a funny note, addressing just how they felt throughout the meal—they had a great and wonderful time, and he had a pleasure serving them.

Right Place, Right Time

It might take a couple of seconds to register what exactly is happening here. Is there a billboard of a lady in a blue skirt and heels attached to the bar’s front end? Is the bartender wearing a mini dress and pumps?

But what’s happening is that the front end of the bar has a mirror, so if the customer and bartender are placed in the right position, then the reflection back looks hilarious because you see the barkeep’s top half and the customer’s bottom half, just like what we see here!

Some Bubbly Service

We’ve got another Literal Larry on our hands here! When this Cheesecake Factory customer asked for “a little more Diet Coke,” once they had finished their glass, their wondrous waiter came back with a tiny little to-go sauce container filled with literally, a little bit of Diet Coke.

Not just that, but they even went out of their way to make a hole for the straw so that the customer could enjoy their delicious carbonated beverage with ease. Now that is some bubbly service!

Special Instructions for the Kitchen Staff

Who doesn’t love someone who enjoys where they work?

The notes to the kitchen from the server are all written in red, but the last few lines are probably the most basic set of instructions for the chefs to follow—especially considering the very last line commands them not to mess anything up!

The most crucial part says: “Cook while singing. Don’t forget to smile. I dare you to stand [on] one leg while cooking.”

Rolling with It

If you’re wondering what’s beneath this beautiful platter covered in deliciously chocolate syrup, then we’re here to help out. It is one single bread roll—how funny!

It was the customer’s birthday, but they were lactose intolerant! So, to accommodate for their sensitivity, the table’s kind and considerate server decided just to present a birthday surprise that they would be able to enjoy.

And since bread rolls are basically like any pastry, just minus the sugar and lactose, this seemed like a suitable substitute. So sweet!

Walking Away with Tips

Oh no! This waitress ran into a little bit of bad luck and ripped her shoe in the middle of her shift! And since she was so desperate for some new shoes, a fellow server repaired them with duct tape and wrote on them, “Tip me for new shoes.”

We don’t know if this is just a silly scam or if she’s really in need of shoes, but we wonder how well this trick worked out in the end. Hopefully, she walked away with enough tip money to buy herself a new pair of more durable shoes at the end of her shift.

Keeping Track of Inventory

Chili is a great dish all on its own, but when you add a little bit of crunch into the mix, it takes the meal to a whole new level. And it looks like this customer was all about ordering some extra crackers for his large bowl of chili.

And even though it didn’t cost anything, keeping track of inventory is still a big part of any business, which is why the server added on “crackers” to the tab for every package of crackers they handed to the customer. As practical as it is, this seems like one slightly embarrassing yet terrific troll on the waiter’s end. Hilarious!

Vodka Mango-Soda with a Fuzzy Bear

Often, when you become friendly with the bartender, especially if you’re a regular, you get to see the goofy side of them.

And it looks like the smug and smiling barkeep is just trying to splash in a little bit of fun to this already silly cocktail mix that he makes for one of his regular walk-ins, but attaching the cute small fuzzy bear sticker to the side of the glass.

What’s in the cocktail, you ask? Vodka, Soda, and Mango. What an exciting choice!

Don’t Mess with the Barkeep.

While being friendly with the wait staff has its perks, being rude to your server or bartender is one of the worst things you can do on a night out. Plus, it’s essential 101 “going out” etiquette to treat them nicely in any case.

But apparently, this customer was anything but friendly to the barkeep, so every time they stepped away from their seat, the barkeep would flip their barstool over and set their beer on top of it.

Can you imagine how annoying and tricky it must get to have to flip over your stool as the night goes on? Serves them right!

Sleeping at Subway

While some days can be just 8 hours of never-ending madness, running around taking orders, serving meals, and clearing tables, others can be as quiet as a Winter’s eve.

And it looks like this Subway sandwich server decided to utilize his downtime by taking a quick nap. Luckily enough, he had a sign explaining the situation to any walk-in customers, which is that it’s so dull that he fell asleep. However, if anyone needs anything, he’s more than happy to be woken up and help out, of course. Quite a risky move on his end!

Another Set of Baffling Balance Skills

We’ve witnessed skilled servers on skates, we’ve caught busboys carrying over 30 empty plates at once, and we’ve seen someone serving over ten separate meals at once—but this guy right here is just as skilled, if not more, at carrying food over to be done!

Like the Detroit Coney Island server, he seems to be serious about his serving skills and business. Lucky for him, the food on the plates seems to relatively light, but either way, those balancing talents have got us baffled. Bravo!