Over 35 Useful Items, You Never Would’ve Imagined to Find at the Dollar Store

Let’s be honest. Who doesn’t love a bargain buy and saving a few extra bucks on essential grocery items? We know we do, and we’re here to tell you that shopping at the dollar store might be the answer as you can find a myriad of items there, and obviously for a fraction of the price of regular stores.

From your favorite chocolate and candy to arts & crafts supplies, here’s a list of things you never would’ve imagined to find at dollar stores all around the country, including the real reason why food is so inexpensive there!

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Saving Green on Greeting Cards

Whether it’s for a best friend’s birthday, Mother’s Day, or even the loss of a loved one, we know that there’s something unique about adding the perfect greeting card along with your special occasion present. But why spend upwards of $10 when you could spend 50 cents?

Don’t worry; we don’t mean that you should make your DIY greeting card—our solution is much simpler. All you have to do is make a quick run to your local dollar store, where you’ll find a variety of different holiday cards to purchase for your specific occasion for a fraction of the cost at the regular store!

Who would’ve thought?

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Farewell Pricey Picture Frames

Creating a gallery styled collage on your wall, with different picture frames and hung art pieces, can bring life to your living space.

But shockingly enough, picture frames can sometimes cost an arm and leg ranging from anywhere between $10-$40 (or more) for a small or medium-sized frame!

Thankfully, dollar stores have picture frames that you can purchase right then and there for literally one buck or less. How exciting!

And if you’re feeling extra crafty, you can always paint your picture frame a different color to spice up and match your room’s interior design.

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Say Goodbye to Pricey Paper Clips

One thing that seems never to be talked about is the price of office supplies. If you’re working in an office, you can be going through rubber bands and paperclips like crazy, even with the world transition to going online and digitizing files.

So instead of spending those extra few bucks on paper-clips at a big brand store like Office Max or Office Depot, you can dive down to your local dollar store and purchase those fun and colorful paperclips that we all love for less than a dollar!

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So Long Overpriced Pain Relievers

One of the best things about having over-the-counter pain relievers is that you can purchase them in all sorts of places. From your local grocery store to the pharmacy, to the gas station, the convenience of tending to your minor aches and pains is quite handy. But did you know that you can also purchase these convenient pain relievers at a lower price?

That’s right! From pain reliever pills for headaches and cramps to therapeutic pain relief patches for back pain, the Dollar Tree has all of those available for just one George Washington! How amazing is that?

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Snail Mail Sale

When it comes to communication, we might be attached to our phones and rely heavily on texting each other or pinging our bosses—which is okay since that’s the direction that the world is moving towards. But at the end of the day, snail mail is still something some of us utilize.

Whether it’s a Christmas card you’re sending to your cousins over the holiday season, post-cards your writing to your family and friends while you’re away at summer camp, or just some documents you need to send for administrative or bureaucratic reasons, the dollar store is here to save the day again! That’s right; you can get all your mailing supplies for one beautiful buck.

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Sayonara High-Priced Socks

Did you know that you can purchase clothing at your local dollar store?

Depending on your local store, of course, you can find all sorts of foot apparel from plain white socks to the cute little children socks with designs. How exciting!

So, the next time your laundry machine somehow eats up one of your socks, or you accidentally make a hole in them from the typical wear-and-tear, the dollar store is an excellent resource if you need a new pair!

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Cheers to Cheap Drinkware

There’s nothing like having a nice cup-o-Joe as soon as you get to work! Right? And what’s even more exciting is when you can enjoy your delicious beverage in your mug.

Which brings us to our next item that you wouldn’t believe you could get at the dollar store. Another great find and buy that you can purchase all sorts of glassware and cups!

Different dollar stores have other drinkware available for $1 or less, from drinking cups to wine glasses to coffee and tea mugs. Cheers to that!

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Saving Green for Your Greens

Coffee cups and drinking glasses aren’t the only glassware that you can get at the dollar store! Another surprising item that usually costs more than you would expect are plant and flower pots and vases. At flower shops, arts & craft stores, or even grocery shops, vases can typically vary from $12-$50 (or even more) depending on the shape and size.

However, you can buy all sorts of vases that come in different shapes, sizes, and even colors for one glorious George Washington at the dollar store! Talking about saving some green for your greens!

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Goodbye High-Priced Gift Wrap

We’ve talked about greeting cards, office supplies, and mailing supplies—which can all come in handy when it’s the holiday season or a special occasion like a birthday. So, what about gift wrapping supplies?

Don’t worry! The dollar store has got you covered with that too. From cute little pre-made bows to funky and wacky designed wrapping paper to colored tissue paper and decorative gift bags of all sizes, you can get all sorts of present wrapping supplies in the gift section of the dollar store.

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A Bargain for Storage Bins

One of the best products that you can purchase for your home is storage bins and containers. It’s such an important and useful item to have that actual container stores exist! But before you jump over to that container and storage bin store, stop by the dollar store first.

Whether it’s for your arts & crafts, for food, or the need to keep your battery drawer organized, the dollar store is full of all sorts of useful sealable containers, Tupperware, and storage bins for all kinds of needs around the house.

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The Saving Grace of Feminine Products

We don’t talk much about it, but many women know all too well how much of a hassle it is to have to buy feminine products every month or so. And if you’re living with a bunch of sisters or girlfriends, then you’re probably going through packs faster than you can imagine—there’s no doubt that it adds up!

But did you know that you can purchase sanitary napkins and tampons at the dollar store? That’s right, along with pain relievers for those atrocious cramps and headaches that accompany the monthly flow, the stores also got female hygiene and health products. Talk about a saving grace!

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A Price That You Gotta See to Believe

There comes the point in most people’s lives where our once sharp and sensitive eyesight slowly starts to dwindle to a minimal blur and smudge. But before spending tons of money on prescription glasses, thankfully, we have the option of purchasing some standard reading glasses with a low-grade prescription.

Instead of paying those over-priced pharmacy prices, you can hop on down to your local dollar store and buy a pair there for a dollar! How fantastic is that?

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Au Revoir Expensive Art Supplies

There’s still a critical type of store that we haven’t discussed yet, from the office to mailing to gift-wrapping supplies. Whether you’re interested in doing your low-budget DIY project or working on a particular school product with your kiddos at home, the dollar store is the perfect place to go shopping for all of your essential arts & craft needs.

From standard paintbrushes and palettes to colorful and funky stickers to colored pencils, the list goes on for what your local dollar store has in store for you. And the best part? It’s all for a dollar or less!

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So Long Pricey Pregnancy Tests

Earlier, we revealed that you could find feminine hygiene products at the dollar store, which is quite a handy life hack to know about! But if you find yourself on the opposite end of the boat, did you know that you can also purchase pregnancy tests at the dollar stores around town?

While a package of just one unit typically costs anywhere around $10-$20, you can pick up a pregnancy test at the heavy discounted-rate of $1 at the dollar store.

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Cheap Cleaning Supplies

One household item that we probably go through the most has got to be cleaning supplies. Whether it’s dish soap, all-purpose cleaning spray, multi-purpose detergent to clean the floors, furniture polish, or even cleaning tools like brooms and mops, the list goes on and on for all of the available up-to-a-dollar cleaning supplies that you can get at the dollar store!

So next time you’re going to stock up your cleaning supply closet, hit up the nearest dollar store to save yourself some extra bucks.

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Ta-Ta Pricey Tape

One of the handiest household items to have around the house is the magical tape. Whether it’s special transparent Scotch tape to use for gift-wrapping, the all-mighty and glorious packaging tape, or multi-purpose masking tape and even colored tool bench tape, the dollar store has got you covered!

Not just that, but in the arts & crafts section of certain dollar stores, you can even find different designed and pretty patterned tape, too, for your creative and crafty needs. How exciting!

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Hello Reduced Price Red Solo Cups

If you’re throwing a birthday party for your cute kiddo or if you’re hosting a fun get together come holiday season, you’re gonna want some colorful cups.

And while dollar stores usually have paper cups, plastic cups are generally a more optimal choice for disposable ware.

Good thing the dollar tree has both! And if you’re lucky, your local store will even have red solo cups for all those fun drinking games you and your college buds want to play once finals are over!

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Hello Holiday Décor

We’ve talked a lot about prepping for special occasions and holidays, but what about the most critical and defining item to purchase during these times?

When it comes to holiday décor, you’re in luck! Your local dollar store will most likely keep up with all of the seasonal holidays, meaning that they’ve got all the decorations you’ll need!

From 4th of July themed table cloths and disposable ware and cute little ornaments for Christmas to cut out autumn leaves to hang on the wall before Thanksgiving and holiday scented candles, the exciting and holiday-spirited list goes on and on!

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Haggling Hair-Tie Prices

Those of us with long hair seem to go through quicker than food in the fridge, are the precious hair ties. Thankfully you can buy them in bulk at almost any store, but you know what’s great about buying them at the dollar store? The fact that you can buy them in bulk for just a dollar!

Whether it’s the classic black 30-pack hair-ties or the variety multi-color thin-elastic 100-pack, you can purchase all kinds of hair-ties for less than a dollar!

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Hello Hygienic Household Items

After revealing that you can get a bargain deal on cleaning supplies, hair products, and feminine products, what about our everyday hygiene household items?

Of course, the dollar store has them! From toothpaste to adult and child toothbrushes, shaving cream, bath soap, shampoo, and hair conditioner, they’ve got it all!

Now you know that you can rely on your local dollar store to keep your house and yourselves squeaky clean for the best price out there!

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A Bargain for Books

Whether it’s for personal reasons or business, many of the items we’ve discussed that your handy, dandy local dollar store is stocked up with are necessities like cleaning products, office supplies, etc.

But there are also all sorts of fun and entertaining leisure items to splurge on. For example, did you know that you can buy books at the dollar store?

You have a few extra bucks to spend now anyway since you’re saving so much, so why not treat you or your adorable kiddos to something fun?

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Low-Cost Heavy-Duty Aluminum Foil

Surprisingly enough, aluminum foil might not seem so expensive. But if you’re cooking yourself or your family some delicious home-cooked meals frequently, then you’re probably going through it like crazy. Right?

So one great way to save yourself some extra dough is by shopping for your aluminum foil at the dollar store, of course!

They even carry the heavy-duty aluminum foil in many stores to choose which type of foil you prefer for your specific needs.

Image by Rupert Kittinger-Sereinig from Pixabay

Low-Priced Party Supplies

We’ve spent a lot of time talking about decorating for the holiday and gift-wrapping supplies, but a big part of all that is the actual party itself! Right?

There’s no doubt that you can find all of your essential party supply needs at the dollar store for either $1 or less. Depending on which store you go to, you’ll find an assortment of fun, vibrant, and exciting party favors, decorative napkins, colorful disposable plasticware, and of course, funky and entertaining party hats.

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Better Than Back-To-School Sale Prices

Mailing supplies, office supplies, party supplies, holiday supplies, cleaning supplies, is there anything else we’re forgetting? Oh yeah! School supplies, of course!

When it’s back-to-school season, the excitement of buying brand new items for school is in the air! But who said that you couldn’t get a bargain deal while you’re on your shopping spree?

From ball-point pens to fun and unique folders, to colorful notebooks, to those much-needed heavy-duty notecards for studying, there are all sorts of school supplies to find at the dollar store for the best prices around. Talk about better than back-to-school sale prices!

Image by Anastasia Gepp from Pixabay

A Cheaper Way to Brew the Perfect Pot

We all know how important some people’s morning routine is and how having the perfect cup-of-Joe is crucial—and the same understanding goes for those who need their afternoon energizing pick-me-up cup of coffee, too.

Do you know what’s an essential factor in that whole process, though? Have a fresh, clean new coffee filter to help brew that perfect pot.

And since the house or office can go through coffee filters like crazy, purchasing them at the dollar store could be everyone’s secret savior!

Image by Stephanie Albert from Pixabay

An Eco-Friendly Way to Walk Off with Your Items

Aside from the jaw-dropping prices—we’re still trying to wrap our heads around the fact that you can buy all of these items for either $1 or less—you know what’s so great about the dollar store? The fact that it has so much variety in its products! And the best part is that they have some eco-friendly products there, too.

Just like tote-bags to haul all of your newly purchased items at the end of your bargain-hunting shopping spree. How fun!

Image by BRRT from Pixabay

Discounted Dishware

Let’s be real. Disposable plasticware and paperware is so convenient and can be a great choice when hosting—who doesn’t love to throw away everything at the end of the night instead of doing a pile of dishes, right?

But the dollar store has actual dishware at discounted prices that you can purchase, too! That’s right, along with your exceptional coffee and tea mugs and drinking glasses, you can also add bowls, dinner plates, placemats, and charger plates, and even steak knives to your shopping cart!

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A Cheaper Way to Keep Up Your Chocoholic Habits

When it comes to chocoholics and Catholics, there’s a secret life hack for the best time to shop for candy. Do you know when it is? Directly after Halloween and Valentine’s Day, of course!

But you know where you can get discounted priced candy all year round? That’s right! At your unique local dollar store!

Whether it’s boxed candy or bagged candy, your local store should have various assortments of all your favorite sugary goods for less than a dollar.

Some shoppers even buy their trick-or-treat Halloween candy to give out there!

Image by Jens Teichmann from Pixabay

A Bang for Your Bucket

The dollar store is excellent and convenient for buying items that you go through quickly, like cleaning supplies or hygiene products. But what about those items that you frequently use without the need to replace them often?

There’s no rule saying that you can’t purchase an essential item for a beautiful bargain of a price. Right? Did you know that you can even buy a plastic bucket for all of your exterior and interior cleaning needs for just a dollar? Talk about a bang for your buck!

Image by Myriam Zilles from Pixabay

Cheaper Canned Food

Household items and essential supplies aren’t the only things you can get at the dollar store.

Did you know that you can also purchase food there? That’s right, because the dollar stores have their brands, they can sell their products for whatever price they want—which is good news for its customers!

And the cool thing is that they don’t just have canned foods for purchase, but some of them even have a frozen foods aisle where you can even buy some frozen veggies, as well. Talk about a fortunate find!

Image by Tina Designs from Pixabay

Tons of Fun-in-the-Sun with Just a Couple Dollars

Once summertime comes around, one of the most exciting and fun ways to up your fun-in-the-sun water experience is by buying some of those oh-so-precious pool toys—and for a bargain, of course!

Be it colorful pool noodles to play with, funky inflatable toys to float around on, or those super comfy donuts to sit in, your local dollar store should have all kinds of fun pool toy surprises.

And on top of that, did you know that you can use pool noodles for more than just toys in the pool? There are tons of DIY hacks and uses for them to help you around the house, all year long, at the price of one George Washington. How fun!

Image by free stock from Pixabay

Low-Cost Cool Down Recipes & Utensils

Speaking about some good summertime fun-in-the-sun, what’s the warm and sunny season like without something to help cool us down? Along with pool toys, you can purchase some fun popsicle molds for your DIY cool-down treats!

And if you’re unsure of how to make popsicles, not to worry! The Dollar Tree store online actually has both a “Gummy Bear Soda Popsicle” recipe and a “Cool Down with Root Beer Float Popsicle” recipe for you to try out and enjoy, too!

Image by Bob Greg from Pixabay

Marvelous Priced Mirrors

Whether it’s a cute little make-up mirror on your side table or a framed mirror in your entry hall, adding mirrors to your room décor is such a great way to expand the room and make it feel bigger and brighter. The issue is that sometimes the right mirror can come with quite a hefty price-tag. But did you know that you can purchase some at the dollar store?

From sophisticated fancy wall mirrors to fun nature shaped mirrors to handheld make-up mirrors, there are all sorts of options to spice things up with mirrors!

Image by debowscyfoto from Pixabay

Keepin’ Your Nails Squeaky Clean for Just a Buckarooni

Ladies, what’s another hygiene product that we tend to go through like crazy? Give up? What about nail polish remover? Even with Shellac nails trending within the past couple of years, having some acetone around the house is always good to have—especially if you have little girls who want to do fun short “spa” days at home with their cute little princess themed nail polish.

The Dollar Tree has 6 oz. Bottles for just one buckaroo—which is an even better price than you could get at Walmart!

Image by ivabalk from Pixabay

Low-Cost Coloring Books

Remember how we mentioned that the dollar store is filled with various items, not just household necessities?

Mostly when we’re stuck in lockdown during this wild pandemic era, or even if it’s just a snow-day in from school, it’s essential to have all sorts of fun activities for your kiddos to keep themselves entertained and your mind at ease.

With art supplies and reading books, you can also find some fun and wacky coloring books in the store’s arts & crafts section!

Image by Jul Chi from Pixabay

A Bargain for Your Baking Needs

There’s nothing like having everything you need right there and then in the kitchen when you’re whipping up something. But before the baking magic can happen, you need to stock up and make sure you have all the utensils you need first. Right?

Measuring cups, baking sheet pans, cupcake and muffin pans, and whisks—all of your beautiful baking supplies can be found at the dollar store for just a buck or less. Talk about a bargain for all your baking needs!

Image by Monfocus from Pixabay

Cheaper Crayola Crayons

A need for crayons is high when you’re stocking up on arts & crafts supplies for your kiddos.

So along with adding those coloring books into your shopping cart at the dollar store, don’t forget to add a box of those name-brand Crayola crayons, too!

But did you know that crayons aren’t just good for coloring? You can do a fun DIY project by melting the colored wax to make 3-D paintings or candles.

Just make sure you look up how to do it properly and safely first.

Image by Wokandapix from Pixabay

A Bargain That Will Blow You Away

Let’s be honest. What’s without a doubt one of the essential items to have when you’re throwing a party? Balloons, right? And we don’t just mean those latex balloons that you can fill up with the air in your lungs—we’re talking about those fancy foil balloons filled with helium.

The more balloons, the merrier, and the fantastic dollar stores have those great balloons for purchase for just one George Washington per balloon. How exciting! Talk about a bargain that will blow you away!

Image by Artturi Mäntysaari from Pixabay

A Bargain for Boo-Boos

One of the most incredible things about dollar stores is that they have all sorts of essential items, especially when it comes to products you usually get at those high-priced pharmacies.

Especially if you have little kids who are always running and jumping around, we’re sure you go through band-aids for boo-boos like crazy! Right?

So before your run down to the pharmacy to buy band-aids or bandages, check out your local dollar store to see what they’ve got in stock.

Image by msumuh from Pixabay

The Food is Cheaper at Dollar Stores

We bet you already knew that you could buy food at the dollar store. Baking mix, canned beans, and Ramen noodles are just a few of the things you can find at the local store.

But many people avoid buying food at dollar stores because it’s a bit too cheap. However, there’s a perfectly good reason the food there is so cheap—while dollar stores often carry name brands for low prices, one of the reasons their prices are so low is their use of private-label products.

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