Mick Jagger’s Life Story is Anything but Ordinary

Even in his ‘70s, the majestic Mick Jagger is full of style and swagger, but how exactly did he become such an iconic sensation? Part of it is his iconic look and unique style, his natural charismatic personality, and his industry-changing musical talent. But the other part all comes down to the exciting experiences and people he’s met in his life.

Although there’s no doubt that his most exciting and long-lasting relationship throughout the years is the one between him and his bandmate, Keith Richards, you won’t believe the rest of this list of incredibly influential people in his life!

From branching away from his family tree’s destiny, to leading a quintessential Rock ‘n’ Roll styled love life, to fathering a handful of amazingly successful children, Mick Jagger continues to surprise the world by living life by his rebellious rules.

Michael Philip Jagger

We all know and love him as Mick Jagger, but the Rolling Stones’ majestic front-man was born on July 26, 1943, as Michael Philip Jagger. While his mother, Eva Ensley Mary, was a hairdresser and homemaker, both his grandfather, David Ernest Jagger, and father, Basil Fanshawe “Joe” Jagger, were educators.

Because of that, it seemed like Mick was meant to follow in that same path. But if there’s anything we know about Mick Jagger already, it’s that the rebellious rock ‘n’ roller does what he wants.

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Born and raised in the ‘Burbs.

Born and raised in the suburbs of Dartford, Kent, England, Mick Jagger was inspired by his parents growing up. Jagger has mentioned that his father was one of the most influential people of his life. Not only did he motivate and inspired him, but he also guided him and taught him to efficiently utilize and distribute his energy and power in anything that he does.

There’s no question that he has high respect for his parents and even claimed that his dad has always been a much more diligent worker than himself. “[My father] worked a lot harder than I do. But I think people did in those days. I don’t think they got time off,” Jagger shared with The Guardian.

However, it was someone else that he met early in his childhood that would help set him on the path of producing music.

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“I Always Sang as a Child”

In general, it is no surprise that growing up; Mick Jagger loved music. As a child, he would listen and sing along to songs on the radio and enjoy watching musicians perform on the TV or in movies.

According to the Rolling Stones memoir, Jagger revealed, “I always sang as a child. I was one of those kids who just liked to sing. Some kids sing in choirs; others like to show off in front of the mirror. I was in the church choir.” How sweet!

Little did he know that when he would reach elementary school, everything would change for him.

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Childhood Friends

Many band members meet each other and form their musical groups in their teens or early 20s, but Mick Jagger met his musical collaborator far before that. In elementary school, Mick Jagger befriended another fellow music lover and future bandmate, Keith Richards.

While the two of them didn’t form the band until they were in their early 20s, they built a solid friendship. Unfortunately, though, Jagger was sent off to a different school. Without the convenient access of social media today, the two drifted apart and lost contact over time.

So, how did the two end up reuniting?

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Reuniting at the Railway

About a decade had passed since the two had been in contact, but in 1960, Keith Richards and Mick Jagger would cross paths again.

Now a young and fresh college student, Jagger, was on his way to the London School of Economics when he bumped into Richards on the Dartford Railway Station platform.

Although Jagger was currently chasing a career in the business and economics world, he couldn’t hide his music passion. And as the two started to catch up, it turned out that Richards also shared a specifically strong interest in rhythm and blues. How exciting!

Little did anyone know that this chance encounter will change the face of music forever.

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Three Teens, One Apartment

Amazingly enough, Richards and Jagger were ready to take their love of music to the next level and wanted to start performing together. Along with another fellow musician, Brian Jones, the three teens eventually moved into a small, typical starving artist apartment together, sharing the same bedroom.

In fact, in 2016, Jagger and Richards confessed during an interview on their YouTube channel that they would pay £2.50 a week for the place (equivalent to about $75 a week nowadays)! Not just that, but some weeks, they couldn’t even afford that, yet the landlord would be kind enough to let it slide.

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When Your Mother Helps You From a Distance

Even though Jagger came from a middle-class family, the trio lived a full-on starving artist’s life.

“When we first moved in, both Keith and I’s moms would do our washing for us, and they used to bring it out…they would deliver, somehow, clean clothes,” Jagger humorously confessed on their YouTube channel.

Regardless of their living conditions, they would always have friends over and frequently play LP records on their record player sitting on the “horrendous, brown, smelly floor.”

But funny enough, it would be that very filthy floor that would spark up some magic.

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Coming Up with the Name

Some bands spend months trying to come up with the perfect name for their group, but once the three young adults were ready to take themselves seriously as a band, they quickly came up with a name.

One night, in hopes of being able to put an ad to promote their new band, they got in touch with a local, hip jazz magazine. “Brian is on the phone… and they say ‘What are you called?’” Richards explained during the YouTube Interview.

The three of them knew they needed to think of something quick that they all agreed on. While they were sitting on the dirty, old floor of their small apartment, that’s when it came to them.

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“Rolling Stones Blues”

“[On the floor], we had Muddy Waters’ album on the backside, and the first track was called ‘Rollin’ Stone Blues.’ We looked at it and said, ‘This is costing us money, Rolling Stones. And that was it,” Richards further explained during the YouTube Interview.

As pumped as they were to finally be forming an official band, for the time being, Jagger continued with his business studies, which he believed was a wise choice since it wasn’t easy to get into the scene.

Little did they know that this hardship would be just what they needed to get things rolling, though.

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Unpaid Gigs

At first, the trio would be performing gigs for no pay at all, barely scraping by. That’s part of why Jagger decided to keep on with his studies – he initially felt like the band wouldn’t be able to make ends meet and wanted to make sure he had a back-up plan.

But the reason why things were so severe ended up being the secret fuel to what ignited their magical, rebellious music in the first place.

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Bringing American Southern Flavors Across the Pond

They all enjoyed the American styled blues and were ready to bring that new southern flavor across the pond to England. However, the folks in town were not having it and were only interested in “old-styled” jazz – which is something Jagger, Richards, and Jones refused to get dragged into.

They were ready for something more spunky, fresh, and even a little scandalous. “Before we got famous, we were rebellious on our minor level because we were very frustrated because we were playing all this blues music, and nobody wanted it,” Jagger shared with The Guardian.

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The Band’s First Official Line Up

Between 1960 and 1962, the band started to come together, and they felt like they were finally going in the right direction. Jagger decided to step away from his studies and give his full and undivided commitment, time, and focus to the band.

By 1963, the band had their official line up: Mick Jagger as the lead vocals (and harmonica), Keith Richards on strings and vocals, Brian Jones on strings and keyboards (and harmonica, too), Bill Wyman on bass, and Charlie Watts on drums.

And excitingly enough, they were about to get their big break, too!

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Sold-out Shows

Quicker than they could imagine, they became a huge hit and played sold-out shows in no time! And some exceptional VIP guests snuck into one of their shows — none other than the marvelous members of the legendary band, The Beatles.

The two music groups met up after the gig, which became the start of a famous friendly “rivalry” between The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. And in fact, it was The Beatles who encouraged and inspired the band to transition from playing covers to producing original material.

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“I Wanna Be Your Man”

While they initially were focused on playing cover songs by rhythm and blues artists and bands, once the band was officially grouped, they started to write some of their catchy tunes.

And after meeting The Beatles, The Rolling Stones weren’t just excited about the idea of writing their music to record and perform; they had some guidance from them, too! John Lennon and Paul McCartney wrote the 1963 hit single “I Wanna Be Your Man” for The Rolling Stones to record and release.

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Racing to the Top

The band was racing to the top of the music charts and releasing all sorts of saucy, bluesy style albums and hit songs, like 1965’s “I Can’t Get No Satisfaction,” 1966’s “Paint It Black,” and 1971’s “Brown Sugar.”

Not only were they becoming one of the most popular bands in the UK, but they were also getting recognition world-wide with their bluesy rock ‘n’ roll styled songs. To date, they have released 120 singles, 25 compilation albums, 30 studio albums, and 23 live albums, and are known to be one of the top bestselling bands of all time – talk about impressive!

But their music style wasn’t the only thing that helped them stand out.

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Lead Singer Syndrome

‘Til today, the dynamic duo of Keith Richards and Mick Jagger has got the public roaring with curiosity! Fans and the media know them to have a love/hate relationship – especially since they seemed to almost break up in the ‘80s. So how exactly have they been able to continue creating and performing alongside each other for over half a century?

It all comes down to making sure you find the right way to handle the “Lead Singer Syndrome.” “It’s a strange balance… for the front-man, so to speak, it’s important that he feels confident. That he has a band behind him that’s not going to fall apart if he tries anything… At the same, the band might not feel the same way about the lead singer some days,” Keith Richards light-heartedly shared with FORA.tv in 2010.

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Rocking and Rolling

As much as he respects his bandmate, in 2010, Richards released his memoir titled Life, which seemed to get into the depths and darkness of their relationship without many boundaries – which would naturally stir up some emotions between the two.

But even with the truth set out like that, Keith Richards still loves Jagger like the brother he never had. He further shared with FORA. Tv, “Every gig is different. It’s why I never got bored doing this stuff. Because, take the Stones on stage, 1963 or now, it’s still that same sense of adventure… so yeah we can rock, and occasionally, we do roll.”

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Is Their Love/Hate Relationship Like Being Married?

So even though the group has had their share of spouts, at the end of the day, the band couldn’t resist making and playing fantastic music together. Still, fans and the media can’t resist but ask the dynamic duo if their relationship ever feels like they are married.

“I work with Keith, and I’ve known him for a long time. Marriage is something completely different, having been in a marriage before. This is a working relationship. You always have difficult times with people you work with. Sometimes they can be tough and prickly and mind-bogglingly difficult, but you have to try and get on, and that’s what you try and do,” Jagger shared with Reader’s Digest.

The two have been through a lot together, but the base of their friendship and partnership all comes down to the music at the end of the day.

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On Stage Swagger

The band shelled out some great music, but that was just half of the package. The other half that made them so incredibly famous and popular was front-man Mick Jagger’s charismatic, promiscuous style and swagger on stage.

From his deep, sultry baritone singing voice to his vivid falsetto register, and from his slender and lean body and promiscuous dance moves, to his stylish tight, yet flowy attire, Jagger has been stealing the hearts of fans left and right for decades now.

But some exceptional ladies stole Jagger’s heart right back.

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Marianne Faithfull

One thing that Mick Jagger seemed to love just as much as music was loved itself – and he seemed to be slightly as rebellious and promiscuous about the rules of love as he was about the management of music.

In the early years of the band’s fame, he met and fell in love with singer-songwriter Marianne Faithfull. They didn’t just collide their hearts; they also collaborated on music together. Faithfull and the band wrote the hit song, “Sister Morphine,” off their favorite Sticky Fingers album.

Their relationship lasted from 1966-1970, but it seemed like Jagger’s heart wouldn’t be broken for long, if at all, once they separated.

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Marsha Hunt

Marianne Faithfull had stolen Jagger’s heart in the band’s early years, but before their relationship even ended, someone else had captured Jagger’s attention.

When Jagger met and fell in love with the American singer Marsha Hunt, they were apparently in serious relationships with other people. And while eventually, they both split up with their respected partners, their forbidden love only continued for a brief time.

However, rumor has it that Hunt inspires the song “Brown Sugar” off their favorite Sticky Fingers album.

But a top-hit song isn’t the only thing Jagger and Hunt’s love brought into this world.

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It’s a Girl!

While their relationship lasted only from 1969 to 1970, in November 1970, the couple welcomed a beautiful baby girl into the world, named Karis Jagger.

This was Mick Jagger’s first child of a handful of little Jaggers that he would have over the years. As Karis grew up, she found herself interested in show business and worked on the production team for films like 1997’s The Rain Crew and 1998’s Patch Adams.

It wouldn’t be long until Mick would welcome another baby into the world, though.

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Bianca Perez-Mora Macias

It’s safe to say that so far, Mick Jagger’s love life was anything but ordinary. Surprisingly enough, though, the anti-establishment and rebellious Casanova wasn’t afraid of marriage. He’s been married twice over the years.

In 1970, Jagger met and fell in love with the beautiful fashion icon, Bianca Perez-Mora Macias (now formally known as Bianca Jagger). And about a year later, the British beau and Nicaragua native tied the knot in France in May 1971.

Their marriage lasted less than a decade, but the two were known as one of the world’s most glamorous celebrity couples of the time.

But, according to Bianca, the marriage was never going to last. She recalled that the wedding almost didn’t happen as that morning, Jagger demanded she signs a pre-nuptial agreement. Even though she agreed, she later admitted, “my marriage ended on my wedding day.”

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It’s Another Girl!

Briefly, after their relationship began, Bianca found out that she was pregnant with Jagger’s child. In October 1971, the newlywed couple welcomed their adorable baby girl, Jade Jagger, into the world.

Like her beautiful mother, Jade Sheena Jezebel Jagger also dabbled in modeling but found her true calling in design. “Creativity is simply another way of communicating to others,” Jade shared with Verve Magazine.

The apple doesn’t fall far too from the tree, though, as one of her famous lifestyle concepts, “Jezebel,” includes a unique fusion of fashion, design, and – you guessed it – music. Her interior design style is also a unique combo of Manhattan, Moroccan, and Indian influences. How cool!

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Jerry Hall

One of Mick Jagger’s more severe relationships was with the stunning American actress-model Jerry Hall. In 1977, Hall and Jagger met and fell in love. And while the two were, without a doubt, yet another glamorous celebrity couple, it seemed like a lot was going on behind closed doors.

The two got married — in a ceremony that was later declared null — and over the years, they welcomed four beautiful children together into the world, which is why it came with a heavy-burdened heart when the two split-up over two decades later.

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Four More Kids to Add to the Family Tree

After almost a decade together, in 1984, Jagger and Hall welcomed their daughter Elizabeth Scarlett Jagger – now a New-York based working model. A year later, Jagger had his very first son, James Jagger – now an actor and musician.

A few years after, in 1992, Hall and Jagger welcomed another gorgeous baby girl, Georgia Jagger – also a successful working model.

And last but not least, when Jagger was 54 years old, the couple had another beautiful baby boy, Gabriel Jagger, in 1997 – rumor has it that he’s a talented painter, as well!

The couple had their hands full, but what was Jagger actually like when it came to parenting?

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“We Managed to Keep The Family Quite Strong”

If Hall and Jagger seemed to be so happy and busy with their successful careers and a full house of cute kiddo for over two decades, then what exactly happened?

It turns out that, unfortunately, the couple had separated after a photograph of Jagger with another woman (model Luciana Gimenez) was leaked. And as much as they loved each other, Hall decided that separating would be best both for her and the family overall.

In 2010, she opened up in an interview with The Guardian, saying, “Everyone hates to give up on a marriage. You think your family’s broken up. But we managed to keep the family quite strong and to be still friendly. [Splitting up] is not the end of the world. It’s worse to stay in an unhealthy marriage. That’s a worse example for the children.”

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A Wonderful Father

It’s clear that even if the split was traumatic and emotional, that Hall still had respect for Jagger, even years later. She’s mentioned that even if he wasn’t always the best husband, Jagger was always a wonderful father.

“He loves his children. He was very good at helping them with their homework; he loves history; he was good at taking them for walks with the dogs; he loves outdoor activities, bike rides, playing cricket,” Hall shared with The Guardian.

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A Rocky Road

As we’ve mentioned before, Mick Jagger was always a fan of love and played by his rules when it came to it. And it’s safe to say that his brief relationship with the Brazilian model and TV host Luciana Gimenez was anything but traditional.

But the two had an extraordinary bond that would keep their lives intertwined forever – in 1999, Gimenez gave birth to an adorable baby boy, Lucas Maurice Morad Jagger.

Unfortunately, some legal issues caused a rocky start with Jagger and his newborn son, but now they are on good terms and can share a close relationship.

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One of the Most Heart-warming Loves

One of Jagger’s most heart-warming relationships was the one he shared with designer L’wren Scott. The two of them kept their relationship on the down-low and away from the public for their first two years of dating until they went public together at Jagger’s 60th birthday bash in Prague.

Even with their iconic 5-inch difference, the two fit together like two beautiful and stylish puzzle pieces.

Unfortunately, their wonderful life together came to an end, with the heartbreaking and tragic loss of Scott’s life.

Jagger posted on Facebook, “We spent many wonderful years together and had made a great life for ourselves. She had a great presence, and her talent was much admired, not least by me.”

But even with his massive, broken heart, Jagger wasn’t going to give up on love.

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A Newborn at Age 73

It’s not a surprise that the majestic and heart-throbbing Mick Jagger’s children got involved in either modeling, acting, or some other form of artistic and culturally driven expression – especially since the legendary British Rockstar ended up falling mostly for international models, himself.

But what makes his fatherhood so interesting is that no matter how old he is, he does his best to be a good father to his children. Even now, after he recently welcomed his eighth child into the world. That’s right, in 2016, at age 73, Mick Jagger and his current partner, American ballerina Melanie Hamrick, welcomed baby Deveraux Octavian Basil Jagger.

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Sir Michael Phillip Jagger

There’s no doubt that Mick Jagger’s family tree is uniquely complex. However, he seems happy with his eight children, five grandchildren, and the first great-grandchild!

But being a dedicated and loving family man and an iconic and industry-changing rock star isn’t the only thing that the magnificent Mick Jagger has got up his sleeves.

Because he temporarily ran away from England to avoid paying taxes back in the day, the whole concept and genre of music The Rolling Stones created are anti-establishment and rebellious. In the early ’00s, all of that would change.

Queen Elizabeth II of England honorably knighted him as Sir Michael Phillip Jaggers. How wild!

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Full of Surprises

From receiving all sorts of honors, awards, and titles for decades, amazingly enough, the 77-year-old rock star is still keeping quite an active life!

Along with releasing new music and touring around the world, he also enjoys cricket and soccer and has been known to be a bit of a fun fitness freak, too.

He’s also developed a strong reputation as an active philanthropist over the years. He has founded a non-profit organization to sponsor music at The Mick Jagger Centre in Dartford and his Red Rooster Program.

There’s no telling what he’s up to next, but if there’s anything that seems inevitable, it’s that the magnificent Mick Jagger will always be full of surprises!

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