Hilarious Design Disasters and Apparel Accidents That Will Have You Rolling on the Floor Laughing

From spelling errors on graphic tees to messing up the print jobs on apparel to just overall clothing that seems dysfunctional and illogical, here are some of the craziest and funniest clothing fails caught on camera.

These design disasters will have you rolling on the floor laughing from disbelief and asking yourself what were these designers thinking? But what’s even funnier is that some people purchased and wore some of these fashion flops—yikes!

Have you been able to catch one of these apparel accidents?

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A Vicious Knock-Off

Oh, how the tables have turned. While the famous clothing line, Polo’s logo, is of a horseback Polo player riding on their pony with a mallet in hand, it looks like this brand decided to mimic their idea by using the same figures in a different form.

That’s right, this Polo knock-off is of a horse with a mallet in hand, riding what seems to be the polo game player.

The logo might be a little vicious with the pony’s gleaming red eyes, but we can’t deny that this attempt at a Polo shirt knock off is a hilarious attempt at it!

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“Never Do You Best, Quit”

There are a few factors that go into good graphic design for graphic-Ts like this. Typically, it’s all in the font and placement. And while the font choice is quite catchy, this hysterical and epic clothing fail right here messed up the text placement!

If you read the big letters and small letters separately, then you get: “Never quit” and “Do your best.” Which is quite a reliable, positive, and motivational quote. Right?

However, if you read it all together, it reads as, “Never do you best, quit.” Whoops!

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Giddy on Up Outta Here

Oh my. Can someone please explain what exactly is going on with this pair of shoes right here? Not only are we baffled that something like this even exists, but someone purchased them and is wearing these in public. How hilarious!

It seems like this idea of morphing summer sandals with cowboy boots might’ve sounded calm during a brainstorming session back at headquarters. Still, we can’t necessarily say that the physical product is anything close to success. All that’s left to say here is that they are better giddy on up out of here!

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A Whoopsie Poopsie Mistake

One of the most important factors to consider when designing a general graphic tee is text placement.

It looks like this T-shirt has the word “Saturday” written in big red letters, but because of the spacing and placement of the letters, it’s spelled out far less appetizing.

Just like this lady right here, if anyone who has this shirt wears a sweater or scarf, the best day of the week atomically becomes “turd.” Whoopsie!

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Fake It ‘Til You Make It

The zipper seems a little misplaced considering that this is just a regular T-shirt, and the zipper is on the collar—and only the collar—but we can’t deny that this feature sort of sets it apart from any other typical T-shirt.

We’re not sure what happened here, but this looks like a classic “Fake It ‘Til You Make It” kind of mistake. And what we mean by that is that this clothing fail seemed to work out in the end!

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Stripes & Sickly Yellow Spots

We can’t blame you if looking at this shirt might make you want to yack all over the place—because it seems like someone yacked all over it. Not just that, but even the stripes, designed to be all over the place just like those yellow splotches of color, are all over the place. Why is the majority of the shirt and pocket stripes vertical, while there’s a random square patch below it that’s horizontal?

Perhaps if the shirt wasn’t already patterned with stripes, and the blots and spots of color were anything but a sickly yellow, then maybe, just maybe, the design would be acceptable.

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Transparent Apparel

This has got to be by far one of the funniest and most epic clothing fails around!

Sure, transparent accessories always add a fun twist to the attire. Plus, the sparkles on the rims and headband of the visor itself are also a fun touch. But the whole purpose of a bill is to protect you from the sun by keeping your shaded and blocked from the sun’s rays. But how is this transparent visor supposed to protect from the sunshine when it’s see-through?

Back to the drawing board, folks!

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The Hilarious Printing Mishap

Uh oh! It looks like the designers had a bit of a spelling mishap or two with this beautiful black bag.

Those of you who can’t read the fancy font says, “Sample Text Here.” And the small font below also says, “Sample text here, sample text here, sample text here” for eight rows straight.

This bag is either a colossal printing mistake or just an ironic, rebellious play on memorable branding and logos.

Either way, the mishap is hilarious, and the fact that someone bought the bag is even more so!

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Selfie Nonsense

Well, well, well. Where do we even begin with this mess of a shirt? The misspelling of the words “photography” and “successful”? The unclear use of “quality” and “magmanament”? Even though the word “selfie” is included in the dictionary, “selfy” actually isn’t?

Or maybe the fact that the whole definition seems like someone just kept pushing the predictive word feature on their phone?

Whatever happened here, it’s safe to say that this graphic tee fail is just as epic as it is hilarious!

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Mount Frightmare

Oh boy. Mount Rushmore? Looks more like Mount Frightmare!

Seriously, what did this apparel shop do to all of our nation’s historical heroes on this Mount Rushmore souvenir hat? They all look so terrifying!

Starting from the left, George Washington looks like he’s about to pass out. Thomas Jefferson looks like he’s just seen his ghost, Theodore Roosevelt looks like his face was split in half and reflected a mirrored image of himself, and Abraham Lincoln looks a little demonic.

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Bombing the Design

We think it’s safe to say that the design team bombed this children’s swimsuit design. It’s cool that there are little floaties attached to the swimsuit, but unfortunately, there’s something about it that is just slightly off.

We’re not sure if it’s the clash of cow print with the attempt for a sheriff that is throwing us off, or just the fact that the floatie belt looks a little bit like a bomb vest, but it doesn’t seem to be the most child-friendly choice.

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Jumping for Joy for The Underworld

We know that it’s fun sometimes to throw in cute little drawings in place of letters. And one of the more attractive options is to use smiley faces for the letter “O.” The problem with this baby sweatshirt right here is that they didn’t give the smiley face ahead.

Now, since there isn’t a circle surrounding its face, instead of the shirt greeting the world with a friendly and smiling “Hello,” it will just look like the baby is jumping for joy for the underworld. What a hilarious and devilish disaster!

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An Optical Illusion

This fashion fails sort of sneaks up on you, almost like an optical illusion. But once you catch it, you can’t unsee it.

At a glance, it looks like there might be two red striped shirts hanging on the rack, overlapping each other. But if you take a closer peek, you’ll notice this is one Lacoste shirt that seemed to have had a mix-up with the sewing machine, and sewed on the part of one shirt with white stripes onto this shirt with navy blue lines. How hilarious!

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Another Pair of Upchuckin’ Apparel

Again, we won’t judge if looking at these jeans make you want to yack all over the place, just like those striped shirts with the sickly yellow spots all over them.

Again, if maybe, just maybe, the color of these splotches was anything but a gross greenish-yellow, then perhaps the design would look pretty cool.

But the fact that it looks like someone just spilled coffee all over them makes us wonder what was going on in the fashion design room.

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The Hidden Timber

At a glance, it looks like this poor guy either spilled something all over his shirt or is sweating up a storm over there in the bathroom.

However, if you take a closer look, you’ll start to realize that the blob of potential sweat is actually in the shape of a tree! Can you say “Timberrr!”

That’s right; it looks like the apparel designers thought it would be cool to add on a semi-transparent shady tree behind their “Lumberjacked” logo, but didn’t do a print check to see how it would look like in person.

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Two Negatives Makes a Positive

Too far from the weekend to feel any sense of hope for your days off, but not far enough in the week to feel accomplished, Tuesdays used to be one of the worst days of the week. That is until Taco Tuesdays became a thing and gave us something to look forward to when we’re smack-dab in the middle of the week.

But this Taco Tuesday pizza T-shirt seems to be just as disappointing as Tuesdays used to be. Sure, we know that pizza is great comfort food, but how could they mess this up?

Who knows? Maybe two negatives make a positive, and people enjoy this shirt.

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“Don’t Be Happy, Worry.”

We talked about a few essential graphic design factors that can make or break graphic-Ts like this one. And for this shirt, the train wreck is all thanks to the placement of the text. And while the font choice is quite good, this hysterical and epic clothing text placement right here messed up the message!

If you read the big letters together, then it says “Don’t Worry,” and the small letters say “Be happy”—read one after the other, it’s one of Bob Marley’s classic songs.

However, if you read it all together, the shirt says, “Don’t Be Happy, Worry.” This is why it’s essential to test, print, and proofread mon.

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This fashion fail hilariously! It looks like this sports apparel company might’ve had a super odd printing mistake. It somehow combined their sweatshirts with the sweatpants during the manufacturing process, creating sweatshirt pants.

Wearing it like a sweatshirt isn’t possible since you’d have a whole body of fabric hanging from one side, but wearing them as shorts also seems like a terrible idea since you’d have the arm sleeves hanging around you.

None of whatever is happening here is logical; what was the production company thinking when they sent it?

Image via Imgur

A Missing File

This cool extreme adventure sport shirt had the potential to be super cool if it weren’t for the small print on the upper far right corner above the image.

For those of you that can’t see, the text alongside the top of the cliff says “.DSC005569.JPG”.

That’s right; this seems to be the file name of either the beautiful landscape image or some potential text supposed to be placed there.

Again, this is why proofing before handing over the final product is incredibly important. Talk about a wipeout!

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Don’t, Believing in Yourself, Quit.

We know that they used two different fonts to separate the two phrases, but most people are naturally drawn to reading words in a continuous pattern rather than splitting things according to design.

What we mean by that is that people are more likely to read this motivational shirt altogether like, “Don’t, Believing in Yourself, Quit” as opposed to “Don’t Quit” and then “Believing in Yourself” separately.

This incident might be the funniest one, too, because the phrases combined don’t even make sense this time around.

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This Cat’s Got Our Tongue

This is the perfect example of why the whole ‘try before you buy’ concept is important. The funny thing is, though, that you usually don’t need to try on socks before you buy them, especially since they don’t typically look much different when they’re in the package compared to on your feet. However, it seems like these kitty socks prove that all wrong, because clearly what you see on the box is not what you get here.

All we can say is that this cat has got our tongues here—look at how awkward and creepy this stretched out kitty looks like. Hilarious!

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Smells Like MMMBop Spirit

There were two types of people in the 90s—those obsessed with grunge and those who fell for pop. And while we’re sure there were some overlaps between these two groups of people, it’ll be hard to find people who adored both Nirvana and the boyband, Hanson.

We do salute whoever chooses to purchase this shirt, however. It shows a real sense of uniqueness to be able to hum both these bands tunes.

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Pick One: UK or USA

Sometimes, keeping your wardrobe clean and straightforward is the best, and there’s nothing like a nice solid, fresh shirt with a tasteful little logo or phrase written on it. And these designers were oh, so close to making it happen, but failed epically in a hilarious way!

They caused a vast design disaster with just one little slip-up and ruined the small shirt emblem’s whole point by matching the wrong country with the false flag. They needed to pick one English speaking country, stick with the United Kingdom flag, slapped on a “UK” beneath it, or put on a United States flag and kept the “USA.”

Image via Imgur

Mistaking Mary Jane Leaves for Palm Trees

The funny fail in this picture is the fact that this guy’s grandma gave him a classic Hawaiian print T-shirt for the holidays. However, she failed to see that this shirt has nothing to do with Hawaii.

At a glance, it might look like this is just another typical touristy Hawaiian print T-shirt. But if you take a closer look, you’ll notice that the green plants patterned all over aren’t palm trees (which are the trees on Hawaiian print shirts). That’s right; this lovely red T is sprinkled with Mary Jane leaves. It looks like granny was indulging a bit herself when she bought this!

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A Minion Mishap

We’re not sure what’s more of the fail here, the irony of or the epic minion misprint.

The irony is not lost on us that this lady bought two shirts for her and her husband, with the same design that says, “Be Unique.” So much for being one-of-a-kind and standing out, right?

You would think that the designers would at least change up which minion is in black and white and colored. Right? But what’s even funnier here is the fact that the middle minion doesn’t have a mouth. Yikes!

Image via Imgur

Africa is Now Asia

Oh no! This face-palm fashion fails all kinds of sad for how wrong this ignorant incident is—we almost want to cry about it. However, it’s also such a major mistake that we can’t help but laugh about it, too!

Just in case you missed the memo, this geographic themed graphic tee has an image of the continent Africa, yet it says “Asia” below it.

The funny thing is, the continents look nothing alike, so we are blown away by how both the design and production team messed this up!

Image via Imgur

A Happy Hippo Rhino

This is a million kinds of wrong right here. We know that rhinos and hippos might be gray, typically found in Africa, and have similar characteristics. However, there’s one defining feature that sets them apart, and it’s the fact that a rhinoceros has a large horn coming out of its head, while hippos don’t have any.

So the fact that this adorable baby onesies say “Happy Hippo” but have a picture of a cute little rhino baffles us. Too funny!

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I Heart NY, California

We’ve seen “I heart NY” shirts, we’ve seen “I heart LA” shirts, and even “I heart London” shirts, but have you ever seen an “I heart NY California shirt”?

That’s right, it looks like they didn’t even spell California right, and replaced the “L” for an “R” for some reason. That is, unless New York, California, is an underground city.

But in all honesty, we can’t imagine what was going on during the production team brainstorm session when they came up with this idea. We can only hope that this was a prank and that they’re laughing as much as we are.

Image via Imgur

V Necks vs. Crew Necks

Do you know how sometimes in big Hollywood movies, directors will leave their superfans little movie Easter eggs to find during the movie? Well, it looks like these apparel designers unknowingly left a funny little Easter egg for their customers to find, too.

This might look like a regular light gray t-shirt. But if you look at the printed text on the inside of the shirt, it says “The Essential V-Neck.”

But even though this shirt might be called “The Essential V-Neck,” it’s missing the most vital part of a V-neck shirt—the collar shape! It’s so clearly a crew neck because it’s rounded and not pointed like a “V.”

Image via Imgur

Partying Like It’s the 1800s

Who doesn’t love getting dressed up and dazzled for America’s birthday, a.k.a. the 4th of July? With all sorts of red, white, and blue themed clothes everywhere, and excitement bursting out of everyone like fireworks, it might be hard to catch some of the fashion fails around the store.

Take this shirt, for example. The text says, “Party Like It’s 1776” with a big funny image of Abe Lincoln wearing some cool, red Ray-Bans. However, Abe Lincoln wasn’t even born until 1809.

If you don’t know that the first president was George Washington, what are you even doing celebrating Independence Day, to begin with? Talk about embarrassing!

Image via Imgur

An Imgur Image

This is yet another hilarious printing design disaster! It looks like the company that printed these sports jerseys didn’t load their client’s actual image and just put in the image file as the text.

What’s even more embarrassing, therefore, even more hilarious, is the fact that this wasn’t even a file name. It was a link to the image on the famous image site, Imgur. And if you type the text “http://i.imgur.com/seMOw.jpg” into a web browser, it takes you to a picture of a misspelled WWF Panda Bear logo.

We have no idea what the connection is between that and this sports shirt, but imagining this image on the shirt is just as funny as the text’s mishap!

Image via Imgur

What Was This Mysterious Mistake Meant to Be?

We know that sometimes adding zippers can be a cruel, zesty twist on fashion, but the ones placed here seem a bit awkward and pointless.

It doesn’t make the shirt more aesthetically pleasing once you unzip them, so what is these zippers’ purpose? Was it to provide a little more air circulation for your shoulders? Were the zippers meant to go all the way around the sleeve, so you can remove them and add them back on? Who knows what this mysterious mistake was meant to be?

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Don’t Forget to Insert the Correct Text.

At a glance, it looks like this simple black and white athletic sweatsuit looks normal. Right?

But if you look closer at the logo, you’ll see that it says “Text Here” on the little emblem. And you know what that means, right?

Yep, you guessed it! It’s another hilarious uploading mistake that the design team completely missed during the proofing process. Instead of adding the company’s name, they just kept the filler text, “Text Here” on the logo patch. Amazing how they got away with this!

Image via Imgur

A Zig-Zagging Fail

Earlier, we mentioned how adding zippers could help enhance a style on apparel—but only if used correctly. So far, it looks like we have yet to see a good example of that. On the contrary, though, this is a beautiful example of how not to include zippers.

It looks like the zippers in these boots on the bottom of the show created a whole. Whoops!

Talk about zig-zagging away from the point, did these designers not test drive their shoes before selling them?

Image via Imgur

Half a Stethoscope

Uh oh! What happened to the rest of the image on this shirt? A group of med students decided to spruce up their wardrobe and order many funny matching graphic T-shirts with a custom-made design of a stethoscope image hanging around their necks. How cute!

The only problem is that the print shop seemed to ruin the idea entirely and somehow erased half of the stethoscope.

However, we must admit it might look a little funky that the device is cut in half, but it’s a simple and creative design, too. Right?

Image via Imgur

Whoopsie Poopsie Cupcakes

We know not to “yuck” someone else’s “yum,” but we think it’s safe to say that these cupcakes look anything but delicious.

The brown chocolate frosting sort of makes the cupcakes look like the little Poo emoji. Talk about another whoopsie poopsie.

And even though it looks a little gross, it makes the whole thing that much funnier!

And the way the two cupcake tops were awkwardly sewn together in the middle is just like extra hilarious ice on the cake.

Image via Imgur

Shark Attack Apparel

This wet suit is almost as intimidating as seeing the actual Jaws in person! What is even happening here? We have so many questions!

First of all, the logo on the suit says “Quinn’s Scuba Club,” so does that mean this is supposed to be worn when you’re scuba diving?

Second, is this outfit supposed to look like a shark is eating you? What an odd design for a swimsuit. It seems more like a costume than something you’d wear to the beach—a fashion flop.

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Apparel Abomination

Fashion designers have gotten super creative in more modern times when it comes to high heels and shoes. Adding fabrics and bows to rhinestones and gems, there are endless creative possibilities to choose from when shopping for those special occasions and “out-on-the-town” shoes!

But whatever is going on here is an absolute fashion faux pas! Why would anyone think this would be a good idea to glue googly eyes all over some precious pumps? And mostly purple ones? We can see that the design team looked straight passed this apparel abomination.

Image via Imgur

Getting Real About Realism

Wow! These socks are something. We’re not sure if it’s the fact that they sort of look like a man’s foot painted with red nail polish, or just the fact that the realism element seems a bit off-putting, but we think it’s safe to call these socks a fashion flop.

We hope that whoever purchased them to wear wears closed-toed shoes to cover up this design disaster! Wearing socks with sandals is one fashion faux pas, but wearing socks like these with sandals is a whole new level of fashion disgrace.